Sunday, July 12, 2009


My gosh, how time flies! Well so you probably have figured out that our vacation week at Decorah is long over. The rest of our week there was uneventful until Friday morning. It rained at night and one morning until about noon. We never did go back out on the river because it had gone up with the rain and was moving pretty fast. Pretty unsafe then. We made it to the Whippy Dip a few more times and we went to their famous pizza place for supper on Friday night. It was great when Milan got his phone call from the Colonel on that Friday morning. I have never heard his phone ring so much as I did that day when word had spread through the Patrol.

So we have gone to an auction in the last few weeks and acquired things for an apartment and have boughten more furniture from friends who are remodeling. He is pretty well set now. Saturday we went to Manchester and he now has a place to live in a month or so. The tenants will not be leaving their before Aug. 20. So he will be commuting or staying in a hotel. The apartment is a two bedroom and we couldn't have asked for it to work out any better regarding rent etc. Milan starts his new job tomorrow and he is very anxious to do so in a lot of ways! Thanks to all of you for the well wishes. He will do a great job.

The fourth of July we just hung out at home as it had rained most of the day anyway. I guess we did to see The Hangover in the afternoon. You definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to see this movie. Jason said he really liked it which I am sure he did. But that movie also has Jason's humor. We did go to Grand Mound that evening for the fireworks. They put on such a show. It was a fun time.

Otherwise not much else is happening. This weekend we will be going to Cedar Falls to the George Wyth State Park with Milan's brother and another couple. They have bike trails that you can get onto right at the campground and so I hope we will be riding or bikes a lot. It should be fun. Ashley will be departing on Friday also to go out to visit Julie and Jason for the weekend.

I will try to do better posting. But for now I hope everyone is well and enjoying our wonderful summer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tuesday was a pretty wet day here in the form of rain from around 1 p.m. to past 11 when we went to bed. But today turned out to be a beautiful day but also wet. We went canoeing before Aaron, Sherri and Becky left for home. We did a 3 hour trip. About 1/2 hour into the trip there was a hazard which they called a stringer. It was a tree down and also in the current. The point is to stay out of the tree. Well Milan and I did not achieve that, we went into the tree and also flipped our canoe. Then Aaron and Sherri also flipped and into the tree. The current was very strong there and we just could not stay out of the tree. Besides us being first time canoers we had to get wet right? Anyway it was a good time and nobody got hurt. What beautiful bluffs we saw along the way and some that they called chimneys, enough said. I did have a water proof camera also and had taken some pictures but guess what, the camera is in the Upper Iowa River somewhere :) We didn't lose anything else though besides a couple open cans of beer and the camera was about 4 years old. So that is how our week has been going.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


in decorah this week. We arrived up in Decorah on Sunday afternoon. Unlike last year right after the flooding at this same time, the camp grounds are busy. Yesterday afternoon was tubing down the Upper Iowa River. The water was a little cold just for a few minutes or so. I know it is hard to imagine but there was some laughing going on especially when you get stuck on the rocks because well maybe from a lead butt! Anyway we had a safe trip. The weather has been just right so far. Today we hope to canoe but the weather doesn't sound to promising for that. We will let you know tomorrow. Have a good day

Thursday, May 28, 2009


the last day of school when kids ride horses down main street bottle necking up traffic, water balloons being thrown, skateboarders dressed in costume and the city police out in full force; all being witnessed on my walk today!

Friday, May 22, 2009

MAY IS . . . . .

Birthdays, camping or not camping on holiday weekends because campgrounds are full on the Monday before the weekend :( graduations, Mother's Day, family, Respect for Law banquet, golfing, Memorial Day, finding out it will be a baby boy James in September, (one more generation for the James name), viewing good and cute engagement pictures, planting a garden and watching everything grow and warm weather

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We went to a Capitals hockey game when we visited Julie and Jason in November. It was a blast. I didn't, still don't understand much about the game but became a fan (probably because the kids are). We have been able to watch a couple of the playoff games on TV but the last couple are only on their local stations. So here to the Caps with hopes of them to keep winning.

This past Friday night Milan and I did some errands in Davenport. Milan bought me a digital camera for Mother's Day. I am not his mom, but told him I probably act like it sometimes. I can't wait to figure it out and start using it. I have been playing with it a little bit. So maybe you will a picture or so on our blog every now and then! It is our goal to perfect using it in time for the wedding in October.

So I wonder if the person giving Julie a hard time about her blog is the person that doesn't have one of her own up? What do you guys think?

We had a nice Easter with family. It always go without a hitch but man can a house fill up in a hurry. It was a beautiful day. This last Sunday we went to Mom's church to their spring dinner. It was very good and I enjoy it because I see people I haven't seen for quite a while.

Well I hope everybody is well and enjoying the nice weather.

Ta Ta for now

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Friday evening our church hosted our annual fish fry. It started on Thurday night when Ash and I went to help set up for it. On Friday Ash and Milan went down to the hall at 1 to help with whatever needed to be done before serving time. Milan always takes big pieces of cardboard down to put down on the floor of the garage that is donated to us to use by a neighbor to fry the fish in. Now this neighbor is not a member of our churce so it is truly appreciated. Our meal consists of fried fish, baked potatoe, colseslaw, an added treat was hushpuppies, cherry sauce and homemade desserts. We served around 550 to 580 people. I went down after I got off work and we were all home by 9. For some that is a long day being on their feet. Saturday we went to Grandma Fs to do yard work and put in a new doorbell. She had quite a bit of rock in her grass from the snow plow this winter. So we raked that out and Ash cleaned up her flower beds. We even evened up the grass line to one of them. Mom and I took the brush to the dump that afternoon only to find that the gate was locked. There was another gentleman there wanting to do the same thing. So I said I would just climb over the gate and they could stick the brush under the fence for me. Well I got to about rung 3 and the gate started to wiggle. So me the chicken that I am LOL got back off of the gate and climbed under the fence also to take care of the brush. Saturday night Ash and I went to our high school's production of Grease. The kids did a good job and it was very well attended. Sunday we just hung out, Milan worked, as it was not a very nice day anyway.